Britannia Lodge has helped with the immediate fallout from the invasion of Ukraine in multiple ways, and are constantly open to directing assistance wherever it is needed most.

Just a few days after Russian breached Ukraine’s borders, the first call to help arrived. A number of females, some with children, had arrived at the hotel of a Brother in Celle. They needed food, clothes, donations of anything and everything, as they had just arrive with the clothes on their backs.

Britannia Lodge answered the call immediately, collecting an SUV full of anything the displaced souls would need.

Along with the car full of items, €2700 cash was raised on short notice from the Brethren of Britannia Lodge, and also sent to help out any way needed.

By the time we had all of this to Celle (with kind thanks to the good lady of one of our Brethren for delivering it all), there were 20 souls falling on the grace of our Brother Les Forsyth.

At last notice, all had found accomodation and are starting to rebuild their lives in Germany.

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Our Brethren have also been supporting various charities individually – in the true spirit of the Masonic cornerstone of Charity.

Ukrainian Youth Organisation in Romania – Brethren have so far donated over €400 to this team of volunteers

Mykolaiv Zoo – During war, animals are often forgotten. Some of our Brethren have tried to help this situation by regularly buying tickets to visit the Mykolaiv Zoo in Ukraine. This allows the zoo to remain closed while still feeding and caring for the animals.