The Bielefelder Tisch is Britannia Lodge’s chosen charity for the Masonic year 2021/2022.

Britannia Lodge has helped “The Tisch” in a variety of different ways since adopting it as the Master’s Charity. A worthy and noble organisation which strives to ensure that all citizens of Bielefeld who cannot afford it are supplied with enough food, medical supplies, clothing and many other needs such as counselling.

1000 people per week are cared for by Bielefelder Tisch

Up to 250 meals are served per day

Up to 100 food parcels are prepared each day

Accruing around 4,400 Euros of expenses each month

For Christmas 2021, Britannia Lodge and it’s members donated 7 large boxes of food and sanitary items to Bielfelder Tisch for them to be distributed around the Bielefeld area for those who need it

boxes waiting to be distributed to those in need

Britannia Lodge also collected and donated 2,000 Euros to Bielefelder Tisch, which was presented in person by a number of Brethren to the volunteers who directly help the needy citizens.

Britannia Lodge continues to support The Bielfelder Tisch throughout the Masonic year 2021/2022 with donations.

If you would also like to support The Bielefeder Tisch, get in touch!